Introduction to KGB Cleaning Limited

The KGB Group have recently celebrated their 20th year supporting the Contract Cleaning Industry.
Since their inauguration in 1994, this £18million company remains privately owned.

The formation of this business was one of clear vision;

The concept was to create a platform from which the traditional roots of the service industry would be challenged through the implementation of new solutions tailor-made to suit each and every customer’s needs as well as aspiring to achieve best value by optimising operational and financial efficiency.

To create an innovative environment where the expectations of both clientele and staff are consistently met’.

Group of Companies

The Group operates as 3 regionalised companies and is an amalgamation
of professional enterprises

Each regional enterprise is managed by
it’s own Director. These professionals are
passionate about their business portfolio
enjoying a high degree of autonomy.
Such features translate into outstanding
levels of commitment and a desire to
consistently exceed.

Each company boasts their own portfolio of clients, all of which work
tirelessly to share experience and knowledge to ensure that The Group,
as a whole, benefits from each other’s successes.

This sharing of experience allows KGB to become even more diverse in their
offerings and provides us with the ability to apply learnings and innovations
taken in one area of expertise and successfully apply them to another.

Our Experience

KGB Central

Manage our most prestigious contract
award to date Buckingham Palace (The
Royal Household), following a 3 year
fulfilled contract supporting The Houses of
Parliament, along with other prestigious
public buildings including The Tate Galleries.

KGB South West

Also boasts an impressive, versatile client portfolio from educational
establishments, local authority & public buildings, HQ offices, leisure centres
to shopping centres. The award of Sussex Police in 2010 – a multi-site contract
consisting of over 85 locations. One of our most recent successes is the award
of 5 Universities in South Wales and the Royal Society of Medicine in London.