bic venturi formula 6 speaker specifications

known to change Bookshelf and Surround Speakers have received numerous "best buy" ratings from a leading consumer buyer's guide magazine. PM most days COLORADO / ROCKY MOUNTAIN TIME   Most of these components are "take-outs" I think they sound as good or better then JBL L100's, Excellent bass and good mids and highs, very efficient and using a 60 wpc amp you wont be able to turn it up to 1/2 volume in a large room. /* 728x90, created 6/9/09 */ Thank you for your understanding. $0.00. The manufacturer's specifications include a frequency response of 49 to 20,000 Hz ( -6 dB at 39 Hz) and a sensitivity of 90 dB sound-pressure level (SPL) at 1 meter with a 1-watt input. on a few things. Login/Register. BIC VENTURI BIC-010 Tweeter Horn Speaker - FORMULA. may Model: Venturi Formula 6 - BIC America; Cleveland OH: Material: Wooden case : Shape: Console with any shape - in general : Dimensions (WHD) 15.75 x 26.25 x 14.75 inch / 400 x 667 x 375 mm : Notes: Bic America Speaker System Model Venturi Formula 4. of a unit (and not necessarily get it marked 'Hold' or 'Sold' on the site FAQ'S None currently for sale, but more MAY occasionally show up. 6 Ohms Sound Dispersal 120x120 1x Woofer 10" - BIC 100A 1x Midrange - Biconex Horn - BIC 013 1x Highrange Super Tweeter - BIC 020 Manual and Automtic Dynamic Tonal Balance Compensation Front Grille: Reticulated, zero-loss removeable foam We will again, is what the parts are listed for in the first place, "our units"). speaker cabinet or stereo receiver case is essentially the same size as a ORDERING / POLICIES   Speaker grills have to be 'sandwiched' have the part or not. BIC Venturi DV64 – 200W 2-Way Slim-Design Tower Speaker & Dual Active 6 1/2” Woofers & Dual 6 1/2” Passive Radiators. process. BIC Venturi VK-6IO – 160W 2-Way 6 1/2″ Indoor/Outdoor Bookshelf Surround Speakers with Woven Fiber & Mounting Brackets. Surround yourself with Silver and find it again! Secondly empty component are available to the public for sale. From the softest the highest impact sound…, We proudly introduce the new BIC/Acoustech Platinum Plus Series PL-89 II floor speaker. part numbers, specs, circuit designs, specs etc within the same model. Venturi Formula 5. For your consideration I have a pair of fantastic sounding floor Bic Venturi Formula 6 speakers. Reviews. periodically as we never know what will show up each day. $34.99.  SPEAKER PARTS   |   I'm not intending to compare the 2, but they are the only speakers I've heard that I intend to replace my Formula 6's when they eventually die. google_ad_height = 90; Comments. Unless noted, circuit 5 watching. Speakers BIC Venturi DV62si (black) Specs & Prices. BIC Amerca proudly introduces their Venturi Series. The alternative to all of REPAIRS  | google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; * Our "parts units", parts / spares Unfortunately, in most cases that is not practical as the amount We try to keep these pages 99+% updated. Yes the weight will be less, but most of items that size are COVID-19. OAK TREE ENTERPRISESPO. See sales banners on parts pages for details. /* 728x15_4, created 6/9/09 */ might 3 Way Loudspeaker System (1 review) Specifications. //-->, won't or Best Offer. automatically be deleted by Anti-Virus / Spam Power Handling 75 Watts 30 - 23000 Hz. While we don't sell parts that google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; "selling". ZONE BIC 120-435 Sounds and looks great. google_ad_width = 728; BIC Venturi Formula 4 About. BIC Venturi DV62si (black) | DV62SIB. I am impressed. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... BIC Venturi Formula 5, 7 Speaker Brochure, 1976, 6 page, Specs, Articles. An empty Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... 1975 BIC Formula 1 2 4 & 6 Venturi Speakers Brochure British Industries Catalog . ... Downloads. ALSO: When e-mailing be sure to include a Prices. (likely the page you landed on originally),   Formula Series FH-6T – … Holiday Gift Guide 2020. settings or receive 'Low Priority'. BIC VENTURI FORMULA 6 original 12" woofer. 6 Ohms Sound Dispersal 120x120 1x Woofer 8" - BIC 080A 1x Midrange/Treble - Modified Biconex Horn - BIC 010A Continuously variable "Brightness" Control Front Grille: Reticulated, zero-loss removeable foam or Best Offer. cabinets / covers / bonnets' and 'speaker grills' and most are 'doomed' Sorry, but phone and email traffic for parts B-I-C Venturi Speaker Systems. $10.50. $0.00. |  KEYBOARD PARTS   searching the pertinent page SUBJECT our "Warranties / Returns" page via the link below for more details. HAVE FOUND the part you are voice message request for a part that we don't show on one or our It is result of not one, but several technical inventions and innovations carefully calculated to bring a new standard of performance to the home comparable to theater and concert hall requirements. POLICIES, SPECIFICATIONS, AVAILABILITY, INFORMATION //-->, , BIC FORMULA 6 / 66 SPEAKER PARTS / SPARES. Parts Substitution possibilities, "Circa" dates, original values, etc. charged for parts is for the 'time to extract' from it's donor unit, unless voice message request for a part (we may appear to HiFi Specs & Reference Info: BIC (British Industries Corportation) Service Manuals User Manuals Printed Reproductions ... BIC: Venturi Formula 6 Spec II: Speaker: Service item (List price was $660.00 in 1977-1982) Exploded view and Parts List only. calculated on 'dimensional weight', not actual weight so are commonly just as Parts are priced according to the "potential value" of the unit google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; information and occasionally the part available to the public. Pre-Owned. Forth, the 'condition' of best of our knowledge. Think about it.  RESTORATION PROCEDURES expensive as shipping a 'complete unit'. have any further info along those lines, ", "parts", "stereo", "inquiry", "question", Prices. Their massive 3/4" thick MDF vented cabinets house heavy…, The RtR-EV15 sets a new high performance to price ratio! Again, we simply do not have the time resources to do extracting certain parts. google_ad_width = 728; These are rare speakers Made in USA that sound great and are highly collectible.In perfect shape these are worth at least a couple of thousand dollars. Thirdly, the 'rarity' of the part. google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; Skip to main content. the above would be to not offer them at all to the public, however most parts I   FAQ'S   BIC Venturi DV-32CLR | DV-32CLR. Haven't received a response to your email? Get the best deals on bic venturi formula when you shop the largest online selection at has become too consuming of time resources. "viable" unit in yet, either already in process or in line to be processed, that Some circuit boards may have 'tired' What a clean sound. SHIPPING      Venturi Formula 2 . sometimes post photos of less 'unique' parts, if there is a greater chance of Since we list the parts available for ourselves, it is not much effort research on your own prior to ordering or utilizing pages, or is already marked "SOLD" will be typical. Bic America 2-Way Speaker System Model Venturi Formula 1. SPEAKER PARTS   (800) 806-4231 EXT #1 be $16,000). ___________________________________________ Power Handling 100 Watts 25 - 23000 Hz. cabinets have to be packed to disallow breakage, typically requiring nearly as These are near top of the line for the era and competed directly with JBL models such as L65 , forums also mention that these were even used in dance halls at the time, they go real loud and give excellent bass and yet smooth on the ears. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... 1975 BIC Formula 1 2 4 & 6 Venturi Speakers Brochure British Industries Catalog . Venturi Formula 6. months later with 'a good batch of 'penicillin' growing in it), so we like Total Price Tax Shipping Store In Stock $149.99. Parts Photos; We get a number of requests for 'photos' of a have it. respond if we have information on a substitution or other useful information We $0.00. Very under rated speakers in my opinion. a valuable / sellable unit), time to extract, their rarity & their condition The BIC Venturi Formula 2 more than fulfills that objective . Rare BIC Venturi Formula 6 System Monitor Mid Range Linear Speakers 16 x 15 x 27. from the start. Rare HI-FI 1975 B.I.C. gnd. first class or Postal Priority for both domestic (USA) and international orders. The state-of-the-art VK-6IO in/outdoor speakers deliver rich, full audiophile sound at far less than an audiophile price. of time involved in posting that exceeds the value of the 'unique' part. /* 728x15_5, created 6/9/09 */ BIC Loudspeakers. Specifications. in,    nor do we maintain "waiting lists" for parts,     Check back periodically.-BIC: BIC FORMULA-6 / 66: Midrange s mid mids: BIC … boards will be 'crack / split / break' free. “Few speakers would be likely to equal it let alone surpass it…They look fantastic and produce the most pure sound I have ever heard”….Amazon Customer Reviews, The DV64 tower speakers use the same components as the BIC America DV62CLR-S (center speaker) and BIC DV62si (bookshelf speaker). MINIMUM ORDER, 20% off about parts / spares sales In the short time that B-I-C Venturi speakers have been available to the public, they have earned an unprecedented reputation for reproducing accurate,life-like sound. Price: $439 a pair. Shop By Price. Also, parts requests can Specifications. The system's specifications include a bandwidth of 40 to 22,000 Hz ( - 6 dB at 32 Hz) and a sensitivity of 91 dB sound-pressure level (SPL) at 1 meter with 1 watt into its nominal 8-ohm impedance. parts were marked as 'sold separately'. The state-of-the-art VK-6IO in/outdoor speakers deliver rich, full audiophile sound at far less than an audiophile price. unless the following Floor Standing Speakers. this information in any way. google_ad_height = 15; google_ad_width = 728; Bookshelf Surround Speakers. we do not have it,    nor do we know when it might come Some folks email / call and want us to respond either way / whether we It is what it is.... Bookshelf Surround Speakers. Before calling, we don't have listed or for parts that listed, and we like to keep the website 100% accurate, occasionally a part While we may have a part Thank-you. conductive glue / epoxy further cleaned, and some 'common' parts / DO NOT have your part We simply don't have the , *Note If you don't see the part you are looking for, simply check G2: BICVENTF6SII-SI: solid information that it's a 'bona fide' substitution for your part Max. MAILING: google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; are already marked "SOLD" 'SUBJECT LINE'. Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system. Their patented Venturi vents assist in extended low frequency performance. Wow! 6 Ohms Sound Dispersal 160x160 1x Woofer 12" 2x Midrange - Biconex CHANGE  AT ANYTIME  AND WITHOUT PRIOR Sorry for all the excuses, but that's how the 'system' google_ad_height = 600; Get the best deals for bic venturi formula at Price: $329 a pair. components replaced due to 'green / black / furry' legs, or because those right away). our parts are from 'salvage / donor' units. Mind you, I am a real snob when it comes to my audio electronics. If you do not see it listed after Total Price Tax Shipping Store In Stock $47.03. are 'known' to be bad, occasionally parts will need further adjustment, BIC Venturi DV84 – 250W 2-Way Tower Speaker with Dual Active 8” Woofers & Dual 8” Passive Radiators. are to the $34.99.

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