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Panga is one of 20 types of catfish farmed in cages along the Mekong Delta. Phone: 08181965634 Views: 1128 Description Spiced smoked dried catfish for sale. CATFISH FEED INGREDIENT COST IN NIGERIA (price per kg) Fish Concentrate: N1,350. On the average catfish can be sold for N450/kg in Lagos, N650/kg in Makurdi and 750/kg in Abuja. Price / Reward; Common: per kg: 35: Trophy: per kg: 36: Contents. On the average catfish can be sold for N500/kg in Lagos, N650/kg in Makurdi and 750/kg in Abuja. It is frozen and exported to Britain. In the beginning, you can conclude contracts with small wholesale resellers. Fresh fillets. On the average catfish can be sold for N450/kg in Lagos, N650/kg in Makurdi and 750/kg in Abuja. 200. 1 of. 20. quality local catfish feeds available at ngn2,500 per 15kg bag. Fish Meal (72 percent): N1,000 – N1,100. BlueCrown 2mm-6000 (400 per Kg) These can be ground fresh trash fish, worms, insects, slaughterhouse by-products, chicken entrails, dried or fresh water shrimp, fish of fall and by-products of canning factories. Ad ID: 635 Added: January 23, 2019. As at today the price of table size is 650-700 per Kg depending on quantity you want to buy. A popular unit of cocaine that is sold on the black market is the “8 ball,” or “Eighth”. Spiced smoked dried catfish #4000 per kg Spiced smoked dried catfish: Fish & Aquatic: Benin city. Poultry … Post juvenile 6. Skretting 2mm-9375 (625 per kg) Coppens 2mm-11500 (766.67 per kg) Chi 2mm- 7000 (466.67 per kg) Vital Feed 2mm-6300 (420 per Kg) Aqualis 2mm-NA. The minimum, average, and maximum catfish prices paid by processors to producers from 1993 – 2003 were $1.17/kg ($0.53/lb), $1.58/kg ($0.72/lb), and $2.07/kg ($0.94/lb), respectively. Medium size: N850 – 900. Name. The remaining 10 per cent is composed of boiled broken rice mixed with vegetables or rice bran. The catch was auctioned at Karachi Fish Harbour fetching a price of Rs110 per kg, making a total of Rs11 million. Price . Sort. Catfish (Locally bread in Nigeria) rich in Vitamin B12, good for heart, eyes, lungs, weight loss, digestive health and boosts your brain power. Filter. 7,241. On average we count 500 eggs per gram. However, should you wish us to arrange for delivery then please email us for a quotation once you have placed your order but prior to making payment. Price Sep/18. The market price of African catfish is usually gauged per kg-weight of fish. City: Benin city. Fresh, the only online store, offers the fastest and easiest way to get fresh and high -quality Fish / Meat / Chicken at your doorstep. Tags : Catfish #4000 per kg Farm peters. Table 1: Average CIF price at USD Customs of frozen fillets imports. Best Price Dried Salted Catfish, Cat fish/ Sun Dried Catfish Fillet 100g/ Oven dried catfish for Sale Warehouse Prices for Dried cat fish Split per kg/ wholesale Smoked Dried catfish 300g 2019 Prices For Traditional Dried Smoked Catfish for Sale/ Buy Smoked Catfish 200g Call:☎️ 08103953855 Or 07035907330. This price varies across several geographical locations in Nigeria. I have 1000+ to sell urgently and would like to know the best price to sell it in the market. On the average catfish can be sold for N500/kg in Lagos, N650/kg in Makurdi and 750/kg in Abuja. Normal fingerlings 2. To make a lot of profit in your Catfish farming business, you need to cut the cost of feeding your fishes and Catfish grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health. US $0.40-$0.60 / Kilogram 10000 Kilograms (Min. Table size Promoted Rivers State, Port-Harcourt, 53 MINUTES AGO – Fish TOP+ Catfish Post-fingerlings (Dutch Clarias Species) ₦ 15. Explore detailed information about the global Catfish markets. Aug/19. So 12 cedis times 5 kilos is around 60 cedis. 20. 3. Current price of 1kg medium sized fresh catfish is N500 to N550. Juvenile 5. Tasty and affordable with Triton Big Sams. Member Since … The market price of African catfish is usually gauged per kg-weight of fish. A kilo of Fish in my pond is 900 NGN, the bugger the fish, the more it weigh. The Nigerian market for example value catfish sizes which ranges from 500 grams (0.5 kg) to 2,000 grams (2kg). Chilled / fresh grouper fish 15 kg pack , gel pack minimum order : 300kg 300 - 2 kg size 3 days validity from day of export Ranjitha International Kolkata ,NO.9,VIVEGANANDHAR STREET, KARPAGA VINAYAGAR COLONY,,ALAPAKKAM,, Kolkata - 600116, Dist. We have healthy catfish at our offices in port harcourt or warri sizes available include 1. As of 15th of April 2018, the prices of these feeds were obtained from a local shop nearby. Product. The average price per kg for bream sold in heaps of 2 was K5.42, the range being K4.4–K6.67. For measuring average weight of catfish, measure the total weight of 10 fish and divide the total weight by 10. The wholesale price is around £5 per kg compared with up to £11.75 per kg … Order) 11 YRS . Standard fingerlings 3. This price is different in Nigerian different areas. Catfish sizes is of two categories; the melange(300g-600g) and table sizes(600g- and above). Small size: N750 – 770. Ad Details. How much is the price of Catfish per kg now. The egg size tends to increase with the size of the female. 32. 1 ounce is equal to 28.34 grams. All prices were in 2003 U. S. dollars. Bocourt River Catfish price per kg (as a whole) NOTE: Based on the weight additional surcharge might be added. All prices exclude shipping. Black Bullhead (Ameiurus melas) is a species of Bullhead Catfish commonly found throughout the central United States. This price varies across several geographical locations in Nigeria. call:☎️ 08103953855 or 07035907330. Price per kg varying from K5.00 to K11.11. State: Edo state. Jumbo size 7. % Sep/19 Sep/18. I deal with Oven Dried Catfish , if you are interested in bulk purchase you can contact me on 08168271702 and let us talk business smcotty: I intend to go into buying of dried catfish in cartons and taking to sell in Lagos and PH I was in Kado fish market today in Abuja and the price was way too high, 23k per … 7,610-4%. The catfish export price has decreased over the last decade, from $4 per kilo in 2003 to $2.5 per kilo, which led to a decrease in export turnover to $1.56 billion in 2015. Poultry Concentrate (1%): N3,050. Note that all these prices are for the same 15kg bag of feed. You can discover details including top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & export volumes, and more. Frozen fillets. Var. Categories: Catfish, Frozen Fish Tags: cat fish, fish-oregun. The average wholesale price of catfish is 1,050kg of fish (At the current rate of N480 per kg) - 504,000. Sep/19 . Catfish prices were obtained from various issues of the Aquaculture Situation and Outlook Reports (USDA). 100. Table Size Catfish Per KG ₦ 900. Name. 64. Search Show. 2 fishes from my pond sometimes weighs 1.5 because of the size. These fish usually live in slow-moving, muddy waters with soft bottoms. % Sep/19 Aug/19. Catfish Price Catfish Catfish Manufacturers Frozen Smoked African Live Sea Catfish Fingerlings Farm Whole Round Sale Price Exporters . ... How Do I Source For Fund To Start Up a Catfish Business; How Much Capital Do I Need For Palm Oil Business; How To Start And Run a Mushroom Farm In Lagos; 1 Answer(s) Votes; Oldest ; 0; Here in Osun state, its around #1,500 – #2,800. Sale Price: #4000 per kg Location: Nigeria. Big size: N850 – 900. 1,000 grams is equal to 1 kilogram. 2. Kolkata, West Bengal The price of frozen products was USD 3,587/kg down 7% on that of August and 8% to that of September 2018. Also, some times. The average price for bream sold in heaps of 3 was K5.48, the range being K5.00–K6.45. CATFISH COST IN NIGERIA (price per kg) Week of January 30, 2017. Local Fish Meal: N400 – N600. Your target market should determine the size and type of fish you smoke. Var. Catfish Large (1.5kg+ per piece) – Price/kg Tilapia Ex-Large (800gms+ per piece) – Price/kg. 1 Description; 2 Preferred baits: 3 Locations; 4 Recommended fishing methods and tackle; Description. 0%. The price of cocaine listed below is shown as how much a gram of cocaine costs. Thus, price of fish sold by unit is 40–50% higher than for fish sold in heaps. 4. One pound of cocaine is equal to 16 ounces of cocaine. So if you wish to buy 100 fishes, we calculate the price by the number of Kilo … For example, total weight of 10 catfish is 2 kg, divide the result by 10. 7,271. The market price of African catfish is usually gauged per kg-weight of fish. Previous Next. Total cost of processing each fish is about N100. In the open market each smoked fish is sold from N400 to N600. The average females we are using in our farm have a weight of 6 kg and produce 300-600 gram of eggs per female which equals to 150.000-300.000 eggs. The price of fish ranges between Rs 150 to Rs 350 per kg, depending upon the size and type. About Us: B.Q. … This price varies across several geographical locations in Nigeria. Three fish weighing 330kg would make 1 kg of fish. You can take the fish to markets, restaurants and retail stores. In larger fish the number of eggs per gram of eggs is lower than in smaller broodstock. Price: High to Low. However, it is fish sizes of 800 grams and above that attracts higher value and farm gate price per kilogram of fish. Smallest size: N700 – 720. Black Bullhead can be … Catfish Med (1-1.5kg) Price/kg ₦ 1,600. Standard pro fingerlings 4. If the sales cost is N500 per fish then the total amount for 1kg is N1500. A fish from my pond can weigh 2.5kilo because its big. Catfish are carnivorous so their feed is 90 per cent meat or other protein sources. "If we look at the size of a catfish currently on the market, a kilo is about 12 to 15 ghana cedis and you can get as high as five kilos per fish. The selling of fish may be a real problem at first. If you wish to send your courier to collect the order then proceed with payment once you have completed your order. The market price of African catfish is usually gauged per kg-weight of fish. Catfish Price - Select 2020 high quality Catfish Price products in best price from certified Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and factory on AVERAGE WEEKLY PRICES (per kilo)OF FRESH FISH COMMODITIES MONITORED IN LUZON FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER COMMODITY AVERAGE RETAIL PRICE PER KILO CAR REGION I REGION II REGION III REGION IV-A REGION IV-B REGION V English Name Local Name High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low Alamang NO REPORT NO REPORT NO … When converting grams to pounds, one pound of cocaine is equal to 453.592 grams.

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