hot honey sauce for fried chicken

I’m also looking forward to getting your cookbook – everything on this site looks so delish! Thank you!! Can’t wait to make this recipe, it looks beautiful and delicious as always. Very easy to make and absolutely delicious! HI! Hope you love this recipe! xTieghan. That sauce!!! Chicken was very crispy and the sauce was so good, sweet and spicy! Followed the recipe exactly as written and it was easy and amazingly yummy. This is the 3rd HBH recipe I’ve made in the last few days. Thank you so much for trying this, Catherine! You have a follower for life! xTieghan. Ive only been able to make it right once. Stay well! My chicken came out great but a good amount of the breading came off! Linked below! Mix well, pour over chicken and serve as a dipping sauce on the side. Thanks for a delicious new chicken recipe! Great dish! xTieghan. Chopped it up into traditional parts (legs, thighs, breasts, etc. When my brother, Creighton was in town last week, I knew I needed a good chicken recipe to serve him. It was still SO delicious, even with the modifications. WHOLE family favorite. Thank you Jessica! I have leftover hot honey- any recommendations of what else I could use that on? This recipe is definitely a keeper. !xx, Hi Sophie! I made this last night for dinner and it was fantastic. It was so dang good and also not difficult to make! Remove the brine from the heat and pour it over the ice to cool to room temperature. xTieghan. can you use all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour? Disclaimer: I’ve not had “real” Nashville chicken, but thought this was super yummy. I hope you absolutely loved this! And it was such a huge succes. Looking forward to the leftovers! I made it with a Mac n cheese side. Google would also prefer I limit my story telling. I hope you love this recipe. Tonight when I reheated the leftovers, I used the oven so it would still have the crispy crust, yum! I’m so glad you seem to enjoy spicy foods as much as I do. Made this last night and it was amazing! I am so glad you loved this! Looks good, I would have liked to see more reviews from people who have tried out the recipe, though. I hope you love this recipe. I think it should work, but just adjust the cooking time to insure the chicken is cooked through. By FAR my favorite chicken recipe ever! I would suggest using 1 cup of regular milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice OR white vinegar. Place chicken into the hot oil and fry for about 2 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. xTieghan, Tieghan, Aw you are too kind!! This chicken would be perfect for warm picnics and summer parties. Okay, I found this recipe on a whim and I am SO glad I did. Such a total win and the hot honey butter is going on every bbq menu from now on! Love that!! Hi from Nashville! I made it with skinless breasts sliced into three so they were more like tenders which was awesome, topped them with cheese and served them in toasted brioche buns. Just made these tonight and they far surpassed my expectations. What are your thoughts as to the temperature and time? Thanks so much!! xTieghan. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help out! Thank you so much for trying this one! Breaded in corn flakes, oven baked, and finished with a beyond perfect sweet and spicy honey butter sauce, this is a chicken dinner that's sure to be loved by all! That made this chicken nice and crunchy, even cold out of the fridge ! It also comes with … It has become a house favorite! I would suggest making sure the cornflakes are very crushed up, make sure there is not a lot of buttermilk still on the chicken, and press the crumbs into the chicken. I couldn’t believe it tasted as if I fried it. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Tasting it In my mind as I sm reading the recipe – yes, yes and yes. The BEST chicken I’ve ever had in my life! God. Thanks! I halved the chicken breasts. Seriously though, thank you for gracing the world with such deliciousness. Hi Kayla, Making this tonight!! The sweet and spicy honey adds a special twist. I did add smoked chipotle powder to my honey sauce because I like a bit of kick. Hope you love this recipe! xTieghan, Thank you so much Summer! I hope you love recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions! Glad you love this recipe! thanks for another great recipe! Made this tonight in my air fryer. Is there anything you could have done differently? xTieghan. Since we had this we’ve made it several more times and its always perfect! I didn’t have cornflakes on hand so I just used normal breadcrumbs and it still turned out incredibly! I wanted to reply to YOUR reply to my comment below but it wouldn’t work for some reason. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hi Sheri! Side note: your story telling is part of the experience when browsing around your site! Thank you so much! I haven’t made the chicken part of this recipe but I made the hot honey butter sauce to put on some bland takeout fry chicken and it saved it! Made this for dinner tonight…..5 stars all the way. The hot honey sauce was so good with this, and even my three year old enjoyed the chicken . love your recipes! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Made this Memorial Day Weekend! Made this yesterday for dinner. The chicken turned out fine, but none of the cornflakes stuck to the chicken and the majority of them got soggy, not crispy in the oven.. any suggestions? I’ve made so many and every recipe exceeds expectations! Yum! I hope you love this recipe! Hi Tess! Also, the buttermilk makes the chicken soooo moist, which is always a complaint from me about chicken breasts. When I finally had the chicken perfected, I sent the leftovers home with my brother knowing he’d love them. That is so amazing!! If you have to put a few cheesy catch lines at the top of a blog post every now and again, so be it. Any tricks to getting the crumbs to stick better? Thank you Bridget! Good luck navigating through the world of Google. Thanks! Pour the prepared cornstarch mixture into the saucepan and stir through until sauce … 2-3 teaspoons cayenne pepper (1 tsp) But I LOVE Nashville Style Chicken and I absolutely adore using natural sweeteners like honey any day as a swap! Thanks! My husbands too. I have been craving some good fried chicken lately, so I cannot wait to make this. Haha wow that is so amazing!! Meg. Hi! I am so glad you loved this Elle! In another large bowl, whisk the eggs and a pinch of salt until just broken up, then add the milk and … xTieghan, This easy recipe is now a family favorite! Make this chicken along side tacos, rice and beans for a family cinco de mayo dinner. I hate when people make tons of changes then leave bad reviews. I used buckwheat flour instead of whole grain, cut the chicken into nuggets instead of breasts, and put on foil instead of parchment paper. I hope you continue to enjoy this and others! Thank you so much Heidee! P.S. I’m actually an SEO specialist and found your blog through a general Google search (been following it for a while now I just love everything!) Please let me know if you have other questions. How would you suggest reheating? I made this for dinner tonight and it was incredible! But never stop being you – and no matter what “the man” tells you…rebel a little – or a lot. I only used 1 tsp of cayenne, did not add any chili powder and it was the perfect amount of heat for us. xTieghan. We absolutely love all of your recipes and tell everyone about you! And the strawberry bourbon shortcake!!!yum. Oh well, bottom line is that this chicken is delicious and you really need to give it a try. I would recommend starting with the smallest amount of cayenne. This was delicious! Just one thing – I made about half the amount of chicken (for only 2 of us) and the whole amount of the Hot Honey and it was delicious! The misread was on me. Looks fantastic, can’t wait to try it!, and I had to chuckle with your description above…. I hope this turns out better next time! Bruschetta Waffle Panini is a glorified grilled cheese made in a waffle maker with mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil! I served it with bacon Brussel Sprouts and sweet potato fries. xTieghan. What does all this mean? Drizzle with Sweet Pecan Glaze. xTieghan, I know you published this recipe last year, but I only just recently tried it and it is so, so good!! Definitely craveable ? Next time I may lighten up on the cayenne pepper if only to avoid needing a fire extinguisher for my esophagus. … My husband and I loved it! I love cozy meals like this when the weather gets cooler as well! I tried it twice, thought I may have over heated the first time. We paired it with the warm herby potato salad (also a hit!). Thank you Krista! HI! I would make sure to really let the excess buttermilk drip off the chicken before coating. A KEEPER. But I sometimes have issues with the breading falling off when I flip the chicken over. Toss fried chicken wings with honey hot sauce and serve immediately. Hi Vanessa, Hi1 White flour will be just fine. Soooo good! I would start with 1 tsp next time. Place chicken wings about 3 or 4 at a time, in the bag with cornstarch/flour mix and shake to coat. Thank you Maureen! I am so glad you enjoyed this! Hi again. I’ll be making it again over wings for sure! Hi Tamara! Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it! This was so so good and super easy!! I hope you love this recipe. I am really sorry you had trouble with this recipe! This was a huge hit — loved how crunchy the cornflake crust is! … So, I never made the Hot Honey Sauce and it was still great! Add oil for frying to a large pot and heat over medium heat. Loved how the sweetness of the honey balanced with the heat of the cayenne. xTieghan. Another hit for you Tieghan. Thank you! The amounts were perfect for 6 boneless skinless thighs, whereas I had 2 lbs of thighs (4) the first time and threw out so much cornflake mix and hot honey sauce (I hate waste).This is now a keeper for us!! xTieghan, Every time i make the sauce is separates. Hi Rachel, Yes, it is super spicy, but just how my family likes it haha! Made this chicken tonight and everyone loved it! I opted for the 3 teaspoons of cayenne to the sauce, which I would assume is why it was so spicy, because the sauce had a big kick to it. This chicken is some of, if not the, best I have ever had!!! I am so glad that you loved this recipe! Awesome!! Xx, Thank you Polly! Can I turn this into nuggets somehow? And how long would you say to bake them for? Also, made your cuban black beans for the second time last night and your one bowl oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ~ all amazing. xTieghan. Thank you so much Robbie! We had this tonight and my family is a big fan! I did actually. Can’t wait to make it again. I am so happy you enjoyed this Jessica! I don’t even really have a weekly menu rotation but this has been on it for months!! Made this tonight and the flavors were SOOO gooood! I hope this helps! xTieghan. This chicken is amazing! I don’t have any issues with the chicken becoming soggy. May make our own chicken fingers this way too since it was such a hit. I love this recipe – I’ve been making it for a month straight! Please let me know if you have other questions. ❤️. Btw. . Made this for dinner tonight and it came out great! Your recipes never disappoint AND I love the personal touch you add (take that Google). Thank you!!!! I made this with your jalapeno cheddar biscuits for a comfort food dinner and both recipes are definitely going into our regular rotation. My only problem was that the coating just wouldn’t stick to the chicken and ended up pretty soggy.. other than that it was so good! Didn’t have corn flakes so I used panko instead with boneless skinless chicken thighs (also used yogurt instead of buttermilk). Hi Megan! Please let me know if you have other questions. Keep up the great work and lovely posts! xTieghan. I am so glad you loved this! have shared this recipe with so many friends everyone loves………….it!! Awh you are too sweet!! My boyfriend and I made this tonight and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! It is important to let the buttermilk drip off and then press the coating on the chicken. You can use a nut milk or regular. That is what I recommend. HI! I’ll have to try & fix these things for next time, but I wanted to leave my comment! Hi, I am going to make this tonight. Thank you! Thanks! Glad you love this recipe! ? I hope you absolutely love this recipe! Thanks for the recipe. My husband and I are in LOVE with this recipe!!! My guess is 15-25 minutes longer depending on how big your chicken pieces are. I don’t’ know what I could have done wrong but my honey sauce separated. Thank you! Please let me know if you have other questions. xTieghan, This is my favorite recipe to make!!! Either he burned it or my dad did, the stories are unclear, but either way, no one got any of this delicious chicken…well at least not the way it was intended to be eaten. Both substitutes should work great! HI Erin! xTieghan ? Thank you so much! BTW I used tenders. Thank you so much Kelsey! I am so glad you both loved this recipe! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and the world. This recipe was amazing! Is the 3 cups of corn flakes before or after crushed? Thank you! What sides would you recommend with it? Hi Amanda! Thank you! Hope this helps! . Will make again! Is there a dairy free alternative to buttermilk? This chicken is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy with just the right crunch. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Please include the Nutritional Information! But it looks like you’re blog has gained a bunch of new readers as of this morning, so I’ll have to try it and comment myself. I am so glad you loved this Michelle! All opinions are mine alone. xTieghan. Melt the butter in the microwave, stir in the honey and seasonings and pop back in for 30 seconds. xTieghan. I am really glad this was such a hit with everyone, Steph! the flour helps with fully coating the chicken and helps the sauce stick to the chicken. So tell your story! I went with the 2 tsp of cayenne rather than 3, doubled the honey and added an extra 2 Tbs of butter and it was still knock your pants off hot. I am so sorry I do not provide it. 2. Had to make this one in particular as my son who is a freshman at Vanderbilt is home “self-isolating” and is going a little stir crazy(thought the Nashville Hot chicken recipe might cheer him up). Thank you for this great recipe! Over a medium fire, heat until the sauce just starts to bubble and then remove from heat.

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