potato and leek soup

I just finished making this and my goodness is it delicious! Easy to make with outstanding results! This is my go-to soup recipe for weekday/workday quick meals. All your recipes are winners Jenn! It’s a keeper. Stay tuned! I like carrot for the added color and texture because I do not blend this soup at all. I’m a long-term fan and have been making your recipes for several years now. I only made two changes – and that was for the salt and pepper. So much flavor with such simple ingredients- I always double the recipe because it goes so quickly in my home. I followed the recipe precisely and was told it was “pretty good” but kind of bland. I also left out the cream. The only substitute I made was milk instead of heavy cream. My CSA had leeks this week, which I had never cooked with (too nervous about the grittiness). Makes a lot – my husband and I are both taking for lunch tomorrow with loads left over. Served with hot homemade bread or rolls, it's delicious.—Patricia Wells, Riverhead, New York Nutrition Facts 1 cup: 284 calories, 14g I did however add some but it really did not need the amount recommended. Yum! Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I only just stumbled upon your site as it was all about Potato Leek soup tonight. Then add the potatoes, cauliflower, and chicken broth, cover, and simmer until the vegetables are tender. Hi Cynthea, Where are you seeing 2 cups? I like this soup a lot. Do you have any pro tips about when to use which? Okay I will do the box chicken stock. I served with oyster crackers, so the soup looked really pretty and tasted divine. Wonderful flavor and deliciously silky!! My potato leek soup turned out super good, i didn’t add heavy cream and I used 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. And since I didn’t have any cream I used half and half. I followed your recipe to the T and can’t wait to make it for some friends soon. Just made this and it is lovely. I love making it and everyone enjoys eating it, including my husband who must eat gluten free. The author does a great job with seasoning, which I think can be difficult for a home cook, and it really makes a difference. Many fans, including children. But in the list of ingredients, you say 4 large leeks make about 5 cups. Did you take them out before blending it? Easy . I wanted to top it with bacon so I cooked the bacon in the Dutch oven first where I will be cooking the soup then wiped off the grease and proceeded with the recipe. Hi Carol, Technically, it’s best to freeze it without the cream but it should still work. The BEST soup ever! Thanks for this simple yet delicious recipe. I usually put in dried thyme and it also works fine. No cream either, just a drizzle of half and half. I cooked this in my cast iron dutch oven, many times now. Hi Diane, it is really dependent upon the size of the potatoes– you mentioned large potatoes, so perhaps you’d need 2 to 3. For years, I’ve been a huge fan of Potato Leek Soup. I’d estimate that a serving is approximately 1 1/2 cups. I always wonder why people have to write such nasty comments. Stir in chicken broth and potatoes. Simple and delicious recipe! And, there is plenty left over for more meals! My 8yo daughter keeps saying, “This is SO yummy!”, Hi Jenn, Love your recipes. Bravo! 3rd time I’ve used this recipe, it is soooo good on a chilly day. Absolutely outstanding. This is my go to soup 12 months of the year. I’m going to try this soup out this week. I also like to add a few tablespoons of white wine when sauteeing the leeks. Will serve with chives, parmesan crisps, and prosciutto (I have some from another recipe). Easy, quick and delicious. We all love it. I think the finished product was too one-dimensional. I grilled some sourdough bread with olive oil to enjoy along with the soup. I made this as an appetizer and served it in small glasses with tiny spoons, added a small amount of cream, drizzled with really good imported olive oil and freshly minced chives. Yum! This leek and potato soup is vegan, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s a bit thick, but with a crab cake plunked on top (oh, yes I di-id!) Thank you. Hi Jenn, Not sure if the top green leafy part of the leek can be eaten. I also used less cream as I was concerned it may have diluted the flavor. Making this tonight!! 1) Set aside 30g of the butter in the refrigerator. A keeper. Mine was perfect in all ways. Drew a toothpick through the cream and olive oil, which rested on top of this pale green soup, making a tear drop design. Hands-on time 15 min, simmering time 30-35 min, 600g floury potatoes such as maris piper or king edward, finely diced. I don’t have one and hoping it will still be OK. Just mashed instead? If you scroll down a bit to under the pictures, you’ll find the full recipe. Great soup! Are there any special steps to serving it cold besides putting it in the fridge? My husband brought home 4 huge leeks so I actually only used one bec after I washed & chopped it came to 4 cups. I did add a little bit of the bacon grease (cooked a few strips of bacon to top the soup off) to the pan when I was sauteing the leeks. This is an elegant soup while at the same time being quite filling. , thanks for that reɑson гare іnformation! I used your recipe but added my vodka chopped ginger (1”cube) Montreal spiced bacon ends (1/2cup ) Sauté mushrooms in butter 3 small shakes of Tabasco sauce ( small ) Was yummy. this looks great and want to make it ahead but not freeze. Yum. Love this recipe already,, thnx Jenn!!! It’s simply delicious. The only other thing I did differently was use a hand held masher instead of a blender, giving it more texture. Why if using a standard blender (I used my vitamix) do I need to pour into a new pot? To spice things up, I added red pepper flakes and a few more garlic cloves. Making another pot full for a luncheon today. Leek and potato soup is the first dish I think of when days start becoming colder. Lovely thick soup for winter here in Australia. I used a homemade chicken stock which added extra richness. Like previous reviewers, I too, added bacon and garnished with fresh chives; my family loved the soup. I paired with a salad. Paired well with an Italian side salad and some crab legs. Hi Jan, That should be fine. I used to hate recipes that gave weights of ingredients… now I wish all recipes would do so. I found a great way to clean the leeks by standing them in a tall Tupperware pitcher after prepping them and letting soak a bit. Start by cutting off and discarding the root ends and thick dark green parts. I’ve made it several times and all 4 of my kids enjoy it. This recipe is ridiculously easy and delicious. Next time I may try a little coconut cream. My husband loves it, too . Extremely tasty. My family loves it. I had chopped frozen leek from Trader Joes’s which was under the amount of leek needed so I added a couple chopped sweet onions and sauteed together. I typically modify recipes, but found this one to be just right as specified. Loved your butternut soup as well…. It is astonishingly DELICIOUS! Thank you. I now make it every fall with leeks from our farmers’ market. This was the best homemade potato and leek soup I’ve ever had. Scroll to the very top of the reviews and immediately above that, click on the word “recipe.” That will show you the recipe and on the right side of the recipe box, click on the print icon. You can also top this with some crispy bacon pieces if you want to fry up a couple of strips ahead of time. Just one question: when you say one sprig of fresh thyme how much thyme is it? My hubby is Irish and thought it was excellent. Hi Kerri, Yes, it’s fine to make the soup ahead of time and freeze. Hi Laura, If you’re going to purée everything together, you can go ahead and just add it with the potatoes. Warm, creamy and delicious! Hi Katherine, It sounds like you are just looking at the portion of the page that has the pictures with some instructions underneath. This was delicious! Hi Jenn! I always ordered his Potato Leek soup when he made it and it was nothing short of splendid and out-of-this world delicious. You must be logged in to rate a recipe, click here to login. I originally made this on our first crisp day while our parsley was still lovely — it was substituted for the chives. Remove, defrost, and cook in pot until desired … , Thanks for catching that, Betty – it’s 5 cups and it has been corrected. Had to season with quite a bit of S&P to my tastes at the end, but take it slow – add it little by little until you get it just right. I followed this recipe exactly except I didn’t have chives to garnish it. This was really, really good. About to make it again today. Another winner from my favorite chef. I absolutely love this recipe. Maybe the leeks you are getting are much much bigger than mine (but just picked up my CSA share and some more from my market and about 6 leeks are just under 2 cups). I love the flavour and texture, can’t say enough about it, I really appreciate the recipe Thank You. It reminds me of the soup that Danny Meyer serves at hisNorth End Grill in NYC. Just tried this yesterday, cooked it for my son and daughter in law as they are busy with the new baby. My husband & I both had two bowls. Smooth, velvety, soo comforting! A perfect recipe! I started out rendering bacon and using the fat instead of butter, then saved the bacon as a garnish. I made this for Thanksgiving and it’s really good. Hi Marty, when it comes to dairy I usually use less than what is called for to keep things lighter. Sprigs are in all different sizes. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for another great recipe. Add chopped leeks and cover, cooking slowly for about 5 minutes. thanks, I loved it! Mine tasted just like the one in the picture. Not this time. It’s perfect as is, but would make a great base for other things. Otherwise you might have to add an onion or some shallots so the soup doesn’t turn out bland. You never disappoint! THIS POTATO LEEK SOUP IS MEGA CREAMY (WITHOUT ANY HEAVY CREAM! I also sprinkled the chives on top with some finely shredded cheddar cheese !! Didn’t change a thing (drives me crazy when people change 10 things about the recipe and then give a bizarre rating), it was perfect! I just wanted to let you know how much we love this soup. If I make it the night before, what is he best way to heat it up the next day (my office only has microwaves and not a stovetop)? Freezing potato and leek soup: Allow soup to come to room temperature, store in a sealed glass container and place in freezer for 1 to 3 months.Remove, defrost, and cook in pot until desired temperature. It was so delicious! I think Jenn’s version of this soup though is tastier than most. Also when it came time to serve, I had some grated Romano cheese on the table that people could sprinkle on the soup if they wished. We will make this one again. Perfect meal!! I am ready to make this soup with the YG potatoes and just-harvested leeks from the garden, but I’d like to skip the heavy cream and use plain no-fat Greek yogurt or skyr instead. 2. I made it last night and it got rave reviews from my family! Hi Cheri, So happy you like the blog! Thanks so much for the suggestion about freezing .. It’s from Pottery Barn (but it’s pretty old, so not sure they still carry it)! I have a bag of russets & want to use. The easiest way to make a simple potato and leek soup is to use the freshest ingredients possible, nothing frozen, because you’ll get the best flavor that way. Best potato soup I ever made. Thank you for an amazingly easy, and so very tasty soup! The soup is perfect on a cold rainy day. Fabulous. I topped each bowl with a small spot of Kerry Gold butter and enjoyed the depth it added. Fill it to the top with water so the entire leek is submerged. 44 ratings 4.3 out of 5 star rating. To make it heartier, I browned 1lb of sweet Italian sausage, casing removed and set aside to the very end before adding it. Cook for 3-4 minutes until starting to soften. I made the potato leek soup last night and it was a hit at the office today. I’ve made this Delicious soup twice, both times with home made chicken broth. Hi Sammy, Might just be a little bland. My husband and I thank you so much Jenn! Delicious! would definitely love to make again, thank you! You are absolutely right! My picky wife loved it, which means an automatic five stars. it is SCRUMPTIOUS! This was a fabulous, easy soup! You can also add these into the slow cooker after the soup has been pureed for even more bacon flavor. It was the perfect winter dinner on a cold night. After just one bite was I hooked. Thanks, Jenn. I didn’t quite have enough leeks, so I used one shallot in place of one leek. I’ve tried other recipes for this soup, and they were good, but this recipe is fantastic. I think the smooth creaminess with some surprise bits of leeks and potatoes was magical. I had to substitute half and half for the cream and use 2-3 quick shakes of powdered Thyme and it was still fantastic! It ended up being a little too thyme-y for me. Probably a dumb question, but I’d hate to guess wrong and screw it up. I, the 63-year-old Dad with minimal cooking skills. Oh, I love the addition of bacon. This will now be my go-to for this soup (and is the primary reason why I’m now looking for a great immersion blender for my kitchen!). I have made this soup twice, it’s a great recipe, plus it is so simple to make. Meanwhile, bring a medium pot of salted water to boil, and cook the potato slices until just done, about 10 minutes, then drain and spread out on a baking sheet to cool. Thank you so much, you rock. This soup is packed with flavor. Excellent flavour from a classic simple recipe doesn’t get any better than this. Lovely, easy soup for Australian winter. I DID use half and half instead of cream which is my preference. Hi Deborah, Check back on the page; I’ve added the nutritional data. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I used an immersion blender (so easy!) Thanks for sharing this recipe. Thank you very much for this delicious recipe . We have sent you an activation link, Try our nutritious recipe packed with flavour and fresh locally sourced ingredients. Thanks! SO glad you’re enjoying the recipes, June! Love all the vegetarian recipes that you post :). I’m making it tonight again so perfect for cold Canadian winter days! Thanks for sharing. but you may want to just let others add their own and leave it out during cooking. This recipe is outstanding! I made this soup tonight according to the recipe and it was fantastic. Will it keep in the refrig for two days or so? Tried this and LOVED it. What a great base it would make as well. Hope you enjoy! All of Jenn’s recipes are amazing. Thx! So tasty and simple to make. It’s easy and quick to make too. Wondering how to store the remaining soup. My husband has now fallen in love with this recipe. This is a great soup for any night and also great for a Holiday meal! I garnished this fabulous soup with fried leeks and fried prosciutto twists. I made this today. It’s thick and hearty. My husband loved it. Love the added texture. Today I am sick with a cold, and plan to have some for lunch. And I have failed every time. This soup is absolutely delicious. I also love your asparagus and lemon soup. Earlier in the day, I made the soup up to the point where I puréed the soup with the immersion blender – stuck it in the frig – at dinner time I warmed up the soup and added the cream. I made this soup with your cornbread, and it was fantastic. Add chicken stock, potatoes and bay leaf to pot. This is probably the 10th time I’ve made it and it never disappoints. Excellent, soup. After the potatoes have cooked, it’s very easy to retrieve the thyme stems. A fantastic and easy recipe that doesn’t require adjustments. Quite simply the finest tasting soup I have ever made, and I’ve made many. … I used non-fat half and half instead of heavy cream. It was delicious! I wouldn’t change a single thing about the recipe and can see this going into regular rotation. I did not have any fresh thyme, so added two shakes of dried. I just made this soup for the first time using this recipe and it exceeded my expectations! This soup is great served chilled too – one for when the weather warms up. I haven’t added the cream yet since I am saving it for another night, but it tastes delicious even without the cream! I had never had potato leek soup before. Want something a little more indulgent? If so, can it be added before freezing? These kinds of “reviews” really bug the heck out of me. I followed your seasoning recommendations (what I was really researching for) but… I did something a bit different with the “large” ingredients. Awesome recipe for picky kids because after it is blended they don’t see the leeks in it. And leek soup is one of the best! First time making potato leek soup. July 2020 update: I made the ingredients and instructions more clear (and updated the post text). I like this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except I only had dried thyme, which was great, too. I think it would’ve been delicious without those added. I will definitely look to you for more wonderful recipe ideas! . We often pair it with a sandwich for our evening meal. Can I give this 6 stars!! Not bland like potato/leek soup can sometimes be. Hi Marty, You can, but it won’t be as good and creamy :). Came out perfect. Thank you for a wonderful, easy recipe! A quick, thick Spanish omelette that's a brilliant way to use up leftover potatoes and cheese with eggs 22 mins . Thanks Jenn! Thank you for posting. Dear Chef Considering that I have heartily disliked soups all my life, I found this recipe of your Leek and Potato soup very reassuring. Like another reviewer I did purée some and was delighted how good is was. Hope you enjoy! The thyme and bay leaves really add a nice accent to the flavor. Great work! Taste and season with salt and pepper. Terrific recipes. Absolutely delicious! How TO make chunky leek and potato soup . I am making this soup right now, and I cannot wait to taste it!! After struggling for years when questions like this arose, I ordered a kitchen scale (read reviews). Second time making this. Season with salt and pepper, then cover and let the vegetables sweat over a very low heat for about 15 minutes. Just an FYI, when using leeks make sure you rinse them REALLY good or you’re going to get a little crunch from the sand. The only thing I do a little differently, that’s strictly a matter of my taste, is to add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to the top of my bowl with the green onions and a little shredded sharp cheddar right before serving. Life is good! So simple and tasty! Enjoy! I first tried potato leek soup at a restaurant and having liked it I looked online for a recipe. There are only two of us so I love to take my leftover soup and package it in 2 serving size portions in freezer bags. It was phenomenal. My five year old loves it and always wants seconds. Sure, Kim – but I’d wait to add the cream until you’re reheating it. My kids love it. I actually blended this soup without the heavy cream and served chilled! Also, olive oil instead of butter? Best I ever made. You made me look like I know how to cook! Did not have enough potato so made a roux…I also prefer red potato for this kind of soup. This is one of my favorite soups (my family’s too)! How can anything so easy taste so good. Guessing you’re a VERY unhappy person. I love potato soup , Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it. thanks. Did they add 1 teaspoon? This will definitely be a new winter staple. I was out of bone broth but made veggie stock from frozen scraps instead and still loved the soup. This soup was absolutely delicious!! Planning on making it again very soon for friends. I lay the bags flat, remove as much air as I can and then seal and place in the freezer flat. I also used homemade chicken stock. Hi Linda, I think it would work if you cut the recipe in half. Delicious! Made this soup tonight for the first time. Thank you! My husband and I really enjoyed this soup.

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