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The “aggressive” tourism campaign has incited 30% increase in the number of tourists Rottnest island is pulling in and Quokka selfies are a significant contributor to the tourism growth. Smiling animal and very cute Australian animals so friendly happy face. THE BIRDS OF ROTTNEST ISLAND Rottnest Island is located 18 km west of the West Australian coast. They have these amazing little marsupials there called quokkas and there are no cars on the island - most people cycle. 4. Today, they are dubbed the happiest animal on Earth. Many visitors (& celebrities) go to Rottnest island, to lay on the ground next to them and get their selfie. This cute animal has the size of a cat, but looks like a kangaroo. The wetlands are fed by rainfall and groundwater coming to the surface from the underground aquifer. Experience a different kind of WA enchantment! A young man has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after footage of him kicking a quokka on Rottnest Island was posted on social media. Rottnest Island has a lot of hills, which most people don’t realise. It’s where the happiest animal on earth hangs out. A unique feature of the Around the island there are 20 different species of corals and 135 species of fish. However, for a informative walking tour with an educational focus, this walk leads participants to the quokkas natural habitats and imparts some interesting facts about this iconic animal. It’s easy to get to Rottnest Island in western Australia. Start planning for Rottnest Island. Situated only 19 kilometres off the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island offers visitors a casual atmosphere, picturesque scenery, and a rich cultural heritage to discover on a day trip or extended stay. These cute balls of fur are friendly and will ensure your camera receives some of the best pictures of the trip. On Rottnest Island, off the coast of western Australia, a peculiar marsupial has captivated the hearts of Instagram users worldwide—and supported a booming tourism economy. Rottnest Island is famous for it’s wildly gorgeous beaches, outstanding marine biodiversity, and for being the home to the one of the cutest animals you’ll ever come across on this planet— the quokka. Quokkas are native to Rottnest Island, where around 10,000 of the friendly creatures live a sheltered life free from predators or traffic (they have been almost completely wiped out on the mainland). Over 35,000 humpback whales pass through the waters each year as they migrate to warmer waters up north to breed. Rottnest Island is known worldwide to be the home of the happiest animal on Earth – the Quokka (Setonix brachyurus). Rottnest has a system of salt lakes which covers 10% of the Island at more than 200 hectares. Situated off the coast of Perth in Western Australia, Rottnest Island is a protected nature reserve that’s home to the quokka, a small, wallaby-like marsupial that’s been dubbed the happiest animal on the earth by the Huffington Post in 2012, thanks to their little smiling snouts and the hundreds of selfies the animal has been snapping with visitors to the island. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in November. Quokkas are known as the happiest animals in the world, and there is only one place you can see them: Australia. See all. When British colony arrived in Perth, Rottnest Island was transferred into a strict prison and work camp for Aborigines. That's why he … It is about 10.5 km long and 4.5 km at the widest point with an area of approximately 1900 ha. The Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh, who came ashore here in the seventeenth century, saw the animal as a particularly large rat. The most popular spots for snorkelling are Parakeet Bay, Parker Point, Little Salmon Bay, The Basin and Little Armstrong Bay. Perfect your inner-Australian by visiting much loved Rottnest Island. After the photos went viral, Jones ( /) became a sensation and he even had television appearances. Already from far away, the corals can be seen with the naked eye even above water. Create a Trip. The Quokka is the only mammal which is native to Rottnest Island and can be found almost everywhere on the Island. 21 reviews of Rottnest Island "Rottnest is a little island paradise, right on Perth's doorstep. T aking a perfect quokka selfie is on the bucket list of many people, especially the ones who are visiting Rottnest Island. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Rottnest Island, Australia on Tripadvisor: See 3,947 traveller reviews and photos of Rottnest Island tourist attractions. With 63 of the prettiest beaches you’re likely to see anywhere, 20 beautiful bays and many coral reefs and wrecks, Rottnest Island is a marine paradise. Essential Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island Tourism and Travel: Best of Rottnest Island. Due to predators and habitat loss, the quokka is listed as endangered on the IUCN red list. In addition to this, Rottnest Island is the main home of the quokka which is one of the only animals native to it. Jul 28, 2019 - We've gathered our favorite ideas for A Quokka From Rottnest Island Australia Happiest Animal, Explore our list of popular images of [metakey] and Download Photos Collection with high resolution at FIVEDISCOVER.COM My first stop outside the main Settlement was the Wadjemup Lighthouse, the main one of two on the island. Visit the tiny island that’s home to the quokka, often called the world’s happiest animal, as well as landmarks such as West End and Wadjemup Lighthouse. The quokka is possibly the most well-known animal on Rottnest Island. In 1696 the island was named after this marsupial, as the population of quokkas varies between 4,000 and 8,000. Pedal to Wadjemup Lighthouse or race to the West End. ‘Rottnest Island - Strickland Bay Surfing Pioneers’ is a short documentary that explores the history of surfing on Rottnest Island, focusing on the popular surfing location Strickland Bay. Go Play.

Rottnest Is; Rottnest Island Authority; Menu. There is also a colony of New Zealand fur seals at Cathedral Rocks on the west end of the island. The Island habitat supports the largest known Quokka population and is essential for the survival of species. Aside from the cute quokka, we also saw a king skink, a poisonous dugite snake, small lizards, and plenty of birds, most often crows and seagulls. They lived here in very harsh conditions. It is the largest in a chain of islands and reefs on the continental shelf near Perth. It includes interviews with well-known local surfers and commentators, interweaving iconic footage and images of surfing since the 1950’s. Be sure to meet a smiling quokka and snap a selfie! Rottnest Island Express. The number of travellers coming to the island has risen in the past seven months, says Western Australia’s Tourism Minister Paul Papalia. Meeting a group of quokkas can be tagged as the most important Rottnest Island attraction. The island owes its name to its most famous inhabitant: the quokka. Rottnest Island Bobtail Tiliqua rugose konowi Rottnest Island Dugite Psuedonaja affinis exilis King's Skink Egernia kingii Quokka Setonix brachyurus White Striped Free-tailed Bat Tadarida australis (or Austronomus australis) It really is the ultimate souvenir. Collect your snorkelling brochure from Rottnest Island’s Visitors Centre and find out about guided snorkelling tours. The shallows are used like a nursery … Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. It was later modified to Rottnest Island, where the quokka continues to thrive. Rottnest’s wetland system is made up of salt lakes, brackish (slightly salty) swamps, and small freshwater holes or wet spots called seeps. Discover the fauna of Rottnest Island's marine environment. #rottnestwildlife; #rottnestwildlife; Rottnest Is; Rottnest Island Authority; Rottnest Island Wildlife On Land. The island offers beautiful tropical scenery and is surrounded by coral reefs. From September to December, you might see the whales with newly born calves in the waters around Rottnest. There are around 10,000-12,000 of these animals living on Rottnest. Leave Rottnest Island on the 4:30 pm ferry, returning to Hillarys Boat Harbour at 5:15 pm. The best way to see the island is by bike - you can hire one on the island - and you can easily get round it in a day, with plenty of stops for snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming on the way. You can snorkel almost everywhere on the island. Other Rottnest Island animals. Add-on a snorkel set at check-out to discover the island’s beautiful marine life. While the quokkas are arguably the biggest attraction of the island, it is also covered in bays, dunes, and stunning beaches where visitors and locals flock to snorkel and spend the day. Explore the best of Rottnest Island on this tour from Perth or Fremantle, which eliminates the need to plan transportation. The quokka, also known as the short-tailed scrub wallaby, the only member of the genus Setonix, is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. The Rottnest Island Fire Pit - this is a new design of mine... it features all the best bits about this magical island off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. Quokkas are native to Rottnest Island and one of the very few places where you can see them. We have reviews of the best places to see in Rottnest Island… In years 1914-1915 the island served as a … Rottnest Island is home to the southernmost corals in the world. Just a short ferry ride away, it's well worth a visit. Rottnest Island is a short boat ride away from Perth in the Indian Ocean. Quokkas are found on some smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia, particularly Rottnest Island, just off Perth, and also Bald Island near Albany, and in … Treated like animals, often dying because of diseases or guards’ cruelty. Is a popular and easy option to purchase tickets. Rottnest Island is home to over 135 species of tropical fish! by Gretka on Last updated Feb 4, 2020. The circuit around the island is about 22km, and you can hop on and off the bus at any of the stops you like. Rottnest Island animals are a major portion of the tour.

Conservation; On Land; In Water; Act & Learn; Blog; Contact Us; Like us on Facebook @rottnest. Discover the many different bays and beaches. Interesting history of Rottnest Island: Mistaking this pint-sized marsupial for an oversized rat, in 1696, Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh named the island “Rattennest,” meaning “Rat’s Nest” in his mother tongue. Nestled on the outskirts of Perth in Western Australia, Rottnest Island is home to mesmerizing beaches, amazing surf breaks, and abundant flora and fauna – so if you’re an animal-lover or a nature enthusiast, Rottnest Island is a must see for your adventures in WA! Western Australia website says, ‘… you’ll meet the cutest mini marsupial, found only in Western Australia, the world famous quokka, as well as many unique plant and animal species.Apparently, Rottnest Island Golf Course is being ‘plagued by an explosion of quokkas.’ It’s described as the ‘happiest animal in the world’ and the internet is alive with photos of grinning quokkas. Create a Trip to save and organise all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Like other marsupials in the macropod family, the quokka is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. The quokka, a …

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