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Is a personal profile necessary in 2020? For example; I wish to continue my professional career by applying and developing my skills and knowledge within a dynamic and fast-paced law firm. ... One of the parts in a resume is a personal summary or personal statement or also sometimes called as personal profile. In my previous role, I improved the performance, operations and productivity of my team by 35%. This person makes their experience length and core supply chain abilities known quickly to ensure that readers pay attention to the CV once they open it. I am an articulate, confident person who relishes challenges and working under pressure. Keep it balanced and realistic, bearing in mind the needs of the employer. Over the past seven years, more than 200 of my articles and publications have been published by leading newspapers and magazines. Personal bios ought to be short, precise and relevant to your target audience. Check out our project manager example CV, architect, electrician CV and engineer example CV. There are no set rules about the length of a personal profile, however, it is highly recommended to keep it ideally within the 50/80-words boundary (no longer than six lines). Copyright © 2018 CV Plaza All Rights Reserved. I have experience in designing and carrying out experiments, testing drugs, researching scientific literature and writing technical reports. This profile instantly shows readers that the candidate has a recognised accounting qualification and explains the industries they have gained their experience across, along with a short summary of their best accounting skills such as forecasting and risk management. The core skills provide a snapshot of the candidate’s vital skills such as diary management and reception duties – giving readers a good idea of their suitability for EA roles within seconds of opening the CV (curriculum vitae) and giving them a good chance of landing interviews. This is an effective statement because the candidate highlights their valuable 1st class degree in Graphic Design and previous work experience in the design industry. It should not restate or repeat all the details in your resume or cover letter. I have solid work experience in designing, testing and analysing processes to increase the overall efficiency of operations. This profile wastes no time in showcasing this candidate’s full range of digital know-how (such as SEO, content, PPC, conversion optimisation) whilst being sure to highlight a specialism in eCommerce. Warning: Do not go ‘over the top’ and give the impression that you are either very arrogant or simply too good to be true! You may well be a "team player" or maybe you "go the extra mile". CV Examples | Example of a good CV (+ biggest mistakes to avoid! Every written document has an introduction, why shouldn’t a CV? When writing your personal profile, ensure it is: Be bold, be confident and talk about yourself in a positive way. A good customer service agent should be personable and approachable, with a flair for product knowledge and sales – and this profile shows recruiters all of those things. This candidate’s profile opens strongly by giving a brief overview of length of project management experience, important certifications (Prince2) and the types of projects they have led – when recruiters are searching for PMs, these are the details they want to know first. The above is an excellent example of how profile statement should be constructed; it contains references to their previous work experience in the same industry, personal qualities that are relevant to the job (e.g. The candidate mentions their previous work experience project management and providing administrative support to businesses. Your personal profile is not the place to be humble; it is your chance to be noticed and tell the potential employer exactly who you ‘really’ are and what you can do for them. What makes this personal profile effective? Any employer reading this statement will have to think twice before they put it in the rejection pile! having a passion for food and socialising with people) and their job achievements (e.g. Short bios are typically used to provide a summary of an individual's accomplishments, an overview of their career history and a description of their professional goals. To help you create your own powerful CV personal profile, I’ve included 25 examples of really good CV profiles from a range of industries and experience levels, along with notes explaining why each one is effective. By highlighting their passion for the industry they are trying to break into and demonstrating plenty of transferable and workplace skills, such as mathematics and communication. This events manager is effective in showing their personal contribution involves all stages of the event from conception to completion, and the core skills section draws attention to highly sought after events attributes such as budget management, operations and corporate partnering. Their statement contains a tangible example of accomplishment (i.e. I am a hardworking and ambitious individual with a great passion for the transport and logistics industry. How to create it though? What is their software knowledge? I am a dedicated, hardworking and proactive Chemical Engineer with a strong background in design, plant operations, offshore operations, and process and safety improvements. Introduction. I am seeing a part-time position in the industry in which I can put into practice my knowledge and experience, ultimately benefiting the operations of the organisation that I work for. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my IT skills. I am open-minded, patient and supportive towards other people, especially towards children or those who suffer from disabilities. They mention the the types of properties they have experience in selling, how they manage the house buying process, and round up by talking about the results they achieve for their employers. The primary objective of the statement of purpose is selling you to the reader for … This profile opens with a clear statement of the candidate’s marketing experience, and promptly tells readers the level they work at by giving an indication of typical campaign value – this will certainly catch the eye of a busy recruiter. From an SEO perspective, the more words you use in your personal bio, the better. He lied his personal information on the profile. They’re also a key part of the UCAS application process, and a way to sell yourself to prospective universities. This candidate kicks their CV off with a nice a simple outline of their length of HR experience, along with the industries they have experience in (FMCG, IT) and an indication to the size and calibre of company they are used to working with – this is exactly what a recruiter needs to know when opening an HR CV. The candidate mentions their key personal skills and qualities that are relevant and important when managing a business. I have more than 2 years of experience in managing and leading teams across multiple sectors. So stick to the hard facts and skills in your CV profile. About the author: Laura Slingo is Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading job board, CV-Library . To do this, you just need to pack your CV profile with the skills and knowledge that you have, which most closely match what they want to see in a candidate. Some junior candidates prefer to use a slightly longer personal statement at the top of their CV - you can see this style in my, This candidate kicks their CV off with a nice a, They then expand to provide detail on their specialisms within HR such as, They then delve a bit deeper to highlight specific technologies within infrastructure that recruiters will be looking for, and demonstrate key business skills such as solution implementation, relationship building and, This profile opens with a clear statement of the candidate’s, This profile provides a short sharp explanation of the candidate’s extensive experience within nursing with high-level detail of the types of care they can carry out, along with the, They expand to explain their passion for the role, which is important in a care-based role, and they also list the specific, This candidate’s profile opens strongly by giving a brief overview of length of project management experience, important certifications (Prince2) and the types of projects they have led – when recruiters are searching for PMs, these are the details they want to know, This profile also highlights some essential sales skills that recruiters will expect to see, such as networking, lead generation, presenting and closing sales - essential features in any. It contains a good overview of the environments this candidate has worked in, and shows how their administration skills have been applied to support the business functions of former employers and help them manage their information in particular. In just a few lines, the candidate demonstrates a great deal of compassion, empathy and care for young people and their futures. It showcases your best qualities and how they relate to the job opening. This profile gets straight to the point by giving an overview of the candidate’s in-demand executive assistant skills such as office management, and secretarial skills – it also highlights the range of industries they have gained experience in. When writing your own CV, dedicate plenty of time and effort to your CV profile, as it can often make or break your CV. Any employer interested in hiring an experienced camera operator will most certainly be impressed and continue reading the remainder of their CV. A personal profile, also known as a CV summary, is the opening statement of your CV. When a recruiter or employer is looking to hire a teacher, they will firstly want to know, what age group does this person teach? It should be between 50-200 words, or no longer than four-six lines. My greatest passion is in life is using my technical know-how to benefit other people and organisations. As a graduate with three years’ experience in management, I am excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. My excellent customer service and communication skills, combined with my relevant work experience, make me a real asset to any organisation that I work for. Keeping it short and to the point increases the chances that they will actually read it. You need to tell employers why it's worth investing their time in reading your CV. Consequently, you can mention anything from the following categories when constructing your personal profile: An ideal statement should have at least one example for each of these three categories. Essentially, a CV profile is a personal statement that you make which gives the reader an idea of your personality and what makes you an individual. Anybody who picks up this CV can promptly understand what this candidate’s high-level skills are, and what sort of role they could fit in to. They include some in-demand supply chain skills such as stock control, procurement, supplier negotiation, as well as giving an indication of the type of firms they have worked for. These qualities are important, but recruiters are not searching for them at this stage of the application... Plus they are generic to all jobs. Here are my top 6 tips for creating a winning CV profile that will get you noticed by the best employers. Personal profiles for your CV aren’t that difficult to write, especially if you’re a graduate. Yes, the first and third person tenses are both fine to use – but not both. I am a creative and enthusiastic Pharmacologist with two years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I am a mature, positive and hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. (both in education and experience) What kind of building projects have they worked on? It should work like an elevator pitch: briefly describe your expertise, skills, and achievements to encourage the hiring manager to … ... high-profile, blue-chip company. I've two best friends who use that app. A busy recruiter may have to look through hundreds of CVs, and a personal profile any longer than this will be instantly off-putting. In order to give recruiters an instant understanding of how this candidate could add value to any school, they have given a brief but powerful overview of the core factors that school staff would need from them. This profile answers those questions straight away and gives a good intro to the teacher’s skills set by including skills like classroom management, resource planning, and even showing that they contribute to wider school community activities. This gives readers enough relevant info to be enthused and continue to read the CV. The profile goes on to detail this person’s sales abilities and even brags a little without being too forward. The short answer is you don’t need to have a personal statement. Furthermore, as the total length of a CV is only 2 A4 pages long, having a short statement frees us valuable space for other key sections of your CV such as the work experience, education and skills sections. As an architect, this includes attributes such, what areas of architecture do they specialise in? Each of the Personal Profile questions requires short essay responses (50 to 200 words), so you’ll want to think about your answers before you start your online application. A resume can be short or lengthy depending on the quantity of experiences and other sources for qualification that you already have. However, writing the short personal profile at the top of a CV can prove to be quite difficult. I am comfortable filming on-location and outside the studio with some previous work experience in live broadcasting. I am currently in my second year of studying BA Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Aston University. Basic CV template. This ability enables them to work in a variety of different job settings, i.e. By: Sobhan Mohmand, Editorial manager       Last updated: 19 Oct 2018. Once you have a list of these in-demand requirements, simply try to fit as many of them as possible into your CV profile as you can - or close variations if you don't have perfectly matching skills. Here are three tips to keep in mind: Take time to reflect. In-demand project management skills such as budgeting, stakeholder management and contract negotiation are also highlighted whilst ultimately demonstrating that project delivery is paramount.

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