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Trust me they are not opinions. Wish him good luck in real life<3, kloe Jun 07 2017 12:21 pm I always love Healer! I mean he even kiss kang ha neul passionately before. Go watch I Can Hear Your Voice and you'll see that the leads pulled off an amazing chemistry even with a huge age difference. I was really happy because the drama had started winding down but it's grabbed its momentum right back. Amazing cast with good characters. At first, I doubted about this drama since there are 40 episodes and I'm afraid I'm going to get bored of it, but no, it was actually very intense but at the same time, made me cry and laugh my arse off too! Dialogues are coarse and simplistic. I keep curious who actually kill the chef it is the same person who kill ex heroin or dong ha kill the chef. If you are so concerned about Nam ji hyun acting than ho apply for a training in entertainment company and do some hard work... sitting nd writing bad comments about her acting only makes you look like an idiot. Please dont be cliche romance too much, hope it will be more thrilling heheh (dont be like K2 w the romance pls). They are well-supported by a talented bunch, notably the villain, and a fair share of the credit goes to how he was written. That's hilarious. Every drama she was in she was good! But I prefer Shopping King Louis anyway. Far Jun 08 2017 4:39 pm jaded Aug 17 2017 12:49 am updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); ella May 20 2017 12:15 am this guy worked all his life and now that he's found an inspiration he has to be away for enlistment. "Suspicious Partner" first script reading with Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon and more 2017/04/09, Source "Suspicious Partner" had its first script reading on the 10th. I can't wait to see how this drama plays out! The plot is so entertaining but the romance...meeh!! you deserve the best. at first many speculated that the drma may not deliver as the writer had a poor history regarding her stories. Erghhhh. I dont like Bong Hee's voice. Cath Mar 23 2017 8:36 am Highly recommended, piolo Jan 19 2018 9:40 pm Who cares if she's not one of the most famous ones, doesn't Acting ability come first? all , except JCH i don't like ! Treble May 18 2017 5:01 am Brings an old k-drama feel to it! We want Lee Sung Kyung!!! I'm supporting lee sung kyung for the lead female role! I really Love this drama..the story.cast.characters.. Nam ji hyun fan Aug 17 2017 9:19 am Love the female lead.. Somehow somewhere along the way in what episode I didn't remember, the lead actress just became dull and tired (she is pretty and funny in this series yes) and suddenly her glows just vanished, unlike the first few episodes that I watched it. Why he seems like he didn't like Eun Hyuk ? And so does NJH, breaking​ into adult roles, which she does so fine here. You'll see the NO CUT behind the scenes footage of the kissing scene. han hyo joo please... JR Mar 19 2017 7:48 pm We've found 862 lyrics, 1 artist, and 10 albums matching suspicious.. @macilyn i rather like the new hair color. They sell some lust for shipper and fans services shows how good looking ji chng wook is. i can list lot of them but i think it wouldn't matter, but i'm begging you guys try to give this one a sweet ending cos this might just be my last korean movie cos i'm really fed up of getting angry after watching the last episode of your seasonal movies. And its almost three months the drama ended I had a hard time moving on and no drama for now , esp the bts this made me more love the jiji couple. I found the plot just so so. OUH Jun 09 2017 5:36 am Unfortunately, kdramas deteriorating in quality for the past 2 years. The drama has the perfect dose of romance, thriller and comedy. cutechloe Mar 30 2017 8:45 am !I wanted them to act as couple since she and PYS wined the best couple award in 2014,and after them JCW and PMY get an award as well,for best couple,and then JCW stand beside NJH and when the camera did a closeup on them,they look like the couple,both smiling,and at that moment I wished some day they act together as a couple!and I was so happy when they did a grant award music together they look so good together that my wish become even bigger...and today finally look like my wish is granted!! I was one of the people who doubted NJH if she would give justice to Bong Hee but after seeing it myself i applaud her.. A lot of love for nam ji hyun from me. Ouh yeah i love this drama has be Ending .. My mom asked whether the couples is real couple or not, and she already guess they are dating in real life. The love scene is tender but each time she opens her mouth, it ruins everything. The most entertaining of the story was the part of the villain the actor made it excellent,the romance was boring and predictable as in most k-dramas. Nam Ji Hyun is talented! LOL! oh my gosh!! Like she just endured the scenes without really absorbing her character until the end? He is so hot and his acting was brilliant. There is no need to criticize her appearance but I must admit that it was not a good artistic choice to make her look older, her bubbly self is enough; and at the end the make-up might only ruin her baby face-skin. This is just my thought- That Eun Bong Hee's dad may not be the one who started the fire that killed the parents of Ji Wook. And honestly, he has done better acting than the main characters. Han Ji Min and Lee Sung Kyung decline role in new Drama, Ji Chang Wook still missing female lead? yoon Feb 27 2017 11:57 pm coconutoil May 10 2017 9:36 pm I couldn't understand the ratings :(, Wow May 24 2017 4:08 am May 05 2017 10:34 pm I didn't think I would like it at first. Pffft. Don't listen to anyone who says the chemistry between the leads was bad, just watch the bts! jcw has good looks charm and wits. The boy does everything for the unfortunate girl, throw in some running gags (that weren't funny at all), have the girl watch the guy sleep and vice-versa in every, I kid you not - Literally every episode. yay...jichangwook XD!!! The story got draggy a littke but some of the quotes from the drama are so touching. Two good actors embracing their roles fluidly. Love the chemistry between JCW and bong hee..Brilliant acting. i thought its supposed to be While you were sleeping Drama Right? I bet the viewship rating will not even hit 1% lol. Omg . i guess you still can't move on from that drama, huh? Nam Ji Hyun's acting is so good! I hope to see these two paired again with an equally good plot. JCW and NJH deliver their their parts professionally and amazingly. When is the next episode? To the rest of the casts and the people behind this drama, you did a very good job, too. I've been looking for this type of drama from the past few months. Queen Oct 16 2017 10:34 am I liked the overall storyline and I like all the actors. I loved JCW in this nam ji hyun is so adorable i dont understand why she is receiving hate maybe people are jealous becoz they couldn't be in her place .. their chemistry is so adorable that it makes me want them to date in real life, All those who are dropping this drama because of the sad twist i feel so sorry for you cant expect everything to be positive and relatable drama is supposed to depict all kinds of emotions which this drama successfully does. Ep 24, that feeling that the awesome characters in the office was lessen by Mr. Bang. When i see all those hatred towards NJH ( and that also why? I cant even imagine any other actress in the shoes of eun bong hee. I have been following many oppas and i must say when it comes to jcw, there are always shipper wars. And the plot so interesting and funny. Cutie May 27 2017 11:42 pm And yes i am a park min young fan too. Don't worry just bear in mind that there are a lot of people around the whole love this show (except S.Korea perhaps..) Han Jimin is way better. If she take this drama 100% this drama can become epic romantic-comedy drama 2017 . I'm from Asia Him Chang wool's works.His style and his talent,all superb!....I've seen many of the Korean dramas and healer was best of I love Chang Wook ,so no need to exxagerate..he has introduced new styles and actions in daily day dramas...he's totally different ??? I dare say it is people with great fortitude like her who will be treasured and cherished by fans and audiences alike for many years to come, as compared to those who gained over-night fame. I see little bit copy & paste form drama THEK2 .. Ota Jun 19 2017 8:35 am MeowieTwins (+) 지창욱 - 네가 좋은 백 한가지 이유 (Suspicious Partner OST Part 10) 수상한 파트너 OST Part 10 MeowieTwins (+) jichanguk - nega joeun baek hanggaji iyu (Suspicious Partner OST Part 10) susanghan pateuneo OST Part 10 (ROMANIZATION) 2018-12-24 08:23:28 Definitely will marathon the drama again in the near future. Thus far he seem like a happy-go-lucky attorney, but I suspect beneath that cheerful facade is a sly and cunning man. I mean it's j9 chang wook and it's his last project before enlistment! I hope Park Shin Hye is female lead. Fore me is very difficult to choose between both genres because I Love to see him shirtless and fight scenes (because let's admit it Ji Chang Wook is very good at it) but at the same time I like to see his smile more and his sweet kisses scenes ahh I Love JCW and his smile makes me love him even more :). Suspicious Partner is still my most favourite drama even it has already been 6 months since it was last aired. What a blessed day. I love this really. Good luck. And rom-com drama always have a happy endinh. I've seen their other series and i can say that ji chang wook and nam ji hyun has the best chemistry. Love both on n offscreen. I love everything about it (funny, romantic, and scary/thriller parts) I can't think of any actors who could outshine you. Ara Nov 21 2017 9:02 am let alone acting on the last play she's truly remarkable. But the epi again ended with a cliffhanger! Sorry, I think Han Jimin is more better. Some still disappointed because they were expecting lee sung kyung as the female lead and then eventually they think that Ji chang wook and Nam ji hyun's chemistry is bad. I am so happy that Ji chang wook oppa try different and he never disappoints.Nam ji hyun is also doing great.I am loving it. don Mar 28 2017 11:51 pm I love them and their cuteness.. Kurdish Jun 07 2017 3:40 pm But Nam Ji Hyun! I don’t think anyone else would have done that much better way.. stop criticising her!! Dong ha will appeared on episode 4 ? p.s. everyone has different expectation right? this drama is like the experimental stage for both leads that put them to a different level as actors. It good to see JCW in RomCom ..really miss him..and It good the hear he is doing this drama after k2..before his military duty .. he's so cute...this drama is awesome funny and lovable..and I have no problem With NJH..she's great as actress her acting especially in SKL..Both of them look good together.. This drama is getting better and better! Omg I'm speechless this drama will be aired in 40 episodes?! The love story focus only on the main cast, so silly love trianglr or third person thingy, it develop only within the two Rc137 May 21 2017 2:25 pm I find Nam Ji Hyun's acting incredibly non sympatico. Great lead actors, excellent OTP chemistry, a quirky supporting cast, and a compellingly delivered Big Bad all come together to make this a solid drama, despite Show sagging somewhat in its later episodes. I really love this new drama of my Korean idol Ji Chang Wook. Anyone else out there also wondering what the heck happened between Prosecuter Cha and Lawyer Ji? In the end. Even people praise her beauty, still her acting skill the worst and kissing scene? I noticed her in angel eyes but that time I am a big fan of KHS (well until now even shes married.) Grace Apr 10 2017 11:07 pm Suspicious Partner), Lyric Korean drama K-drama OST. Still can't move on from Suspicious Partner, already re-watch this drama for 3times, can't forget how charming No Ji-Wook :( Reesa Mar 25 2017 8:20 pm She is really great. It has so much impact and makes my heart beating fast. Got so much excited when bong hee hugged her and confessed her love. i hope SP drama make-up artists can read this. AK7 Mar 24 2018 10:08 am Yummy Jun 22 2017 12:01 am anyways, still hoping for an unforgettable ending. ❤❤❤ falling in love with this drama. The middle was a bit dragging but what a revelation towards the end! Ji Chang-Wook and the thrill is the best choice. GLY May 29 2017 5:16 pm Fighting SP Team. I don’t know how well this rom-com will do, but regardless of the outcome, people will remember her talent and that’s all that really matters. They had their reasons for being in that situation, not that it was right. i think it's better to stop comparing actress if you really want this drama succeed. For me, im okay with her voice, the expression whenever she talks is so good. Who is Kang Haneul Fans here? Finally i find the reasons to watch this drama. It would be a reunion with Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon. The beginning of the episode was interesting but in the middle episode of this drama felt boring. Really don't care about rating ? ji chang wook is daebak!!! Nam Ji Hyun very perfect. The bed scene is so beauthiful the both have a great chemistry together. I cannot stand NJH voice, it is so weird and metallic that hurts your ears. For the acting, she is still young and she is still challenging herself. 2-3 Dramas in 2 years worth watching.. It is somehow disturbing or is it just me?! Tung tung Dec 16 2019 1:47 am I enjoyed this drama and seeing Ji Chang Wook in a romcom is refreshing. If you are looking for romcom with a little bit of suspense well better check this. Daebak!! He was amazing. @down lmfao don't try to make me laugh. if you want your ex back or you want your lover to love you and stay with you forever contact him now through his email above.. Is it because she not as famous as your unnies huh? Naman Ji-hyun beauty is so likable and I first noticed her on angel's Eyes. It's refreshing to see another part of him, the funny and outgoing part! You should more concern about the story. It's so cute and healthy the way she just pecked him and stopped him from pounding on her. Hello Aug 15 2017 12:09 pm A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "suspicious" - from the website. It's very good drama. Just hope hyunni get new drama with new actor and her fans can move on fr jichang wook soon I also love Jung Hyun-soo-great villian. Its one of my dreams to see jichangwook and taejoon in the same drama. NJH so cute n his acting good too. Dec 12 2017 6:17 pm I love his gaze and he acts so amazingly well and I just had to skip scene with NJH voice. If you're not happy with SP then find something that's your cup of tea. Even hyu soo made me cry with his story. on the floor that I also cried with him. Full May 22 2017 5:12 am So, just enjoy it and support this drama and ji chang wook lol :*, Nanananana May 13 2017 6:02 am Yes, the crime is great but the romance is better their chemistry is I think the better I have seen. Excalibunny May 07 2017 10:06 am Patra Nov 16 2017 4:17 pm Boo May 24 2017 10:40 pm And, in the end that’s all that really matters. She was clearly just a level 4 taekwondo expert in her head. I didn't realize it was gonna even be 20 hour-long episodes :D figured it'd be 16, the norm. omoooo this plot drama was amazing!! camellia May 26 2017 4:28 pm 1) office meetings andy Mar 28 2017 12:52 pm ?.but I felt something different? Dreamer Jun 17 2017 9:20 am W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Even through heavy pressure from Hee-Joon's father (who is the chief of the district prosecutor's office), Ji-Wook finds evidences to proves Bong-Hee's innocence and sets her free. I don't know much about the main leads yet until I watched this kdrama I become a fan of them already! will have a damn good chemistery! But then Han Ji Min was also offered the lead female role and she's considering. So if you are here for the reviews ignore the hate comment and go and see it for yourself. Bern Jul 11 2017 2:46 pm Some fans need to chill duh. Nam Ji Hyun is very good to potray Bong Hee's character. If I totally disliked the couple (which a lot of people do, but I don’t) I would have said they have ZERO chemistry together which would have been far worse than the comment I made. Dd Mar 24 2017 5:10 pm Cant wait for the next episode. I love her character in shopping king louie. Ji chang wook in malaysia this week for tvn event & movie promote then he is going to hongkong for some event i dont think he can filming soon.perhaps the co star would do filming without ji chang wook? Fighting! She juggles her career and her academic education well and honestly, she did a good job in Shopping King Louie which gave her first taste as a leading actress. I am jcw'fan. I cried only when she cried. Nam Ji Hyun lead actress, comfirmed already. I believe she can create a good pair with Ji Chang Wook. !I'm so happy and I know that if they do play together,both of them will play they are role perfectly and sure they will be amazing!! it's just that i'm concerned that some important details seemed neglected as they focus too much on something else. Nam Ji-hyun's Fan Jun 20 2017 10:10 am I really enjoy this drama. So far this kdrama has been really good i keep on rewatching suspicious partner on netflix. He is just a great actor...period. !both of them are my favorite actors and about NJH young age,she proved a age is just a number,with her act she can be anyone and anything!can't wait for it!Fighting NJH and JCW!!! It is totally not your everyday drama And knowing how hard-working Wookie can get, I'm sure that he's also doing a great job in his military training. Mel Jul 02 2017 10:35 pm She is snob, annoying!!! BTS only important for artist fans but they are not real fans of drama. Pigs does fly then... NJH is one of the more intelligent and better actresses out there, and the best female lead to JCW's male lead role, after HJW (Empress Ki) and SYA (K2). oppaa fighting !! Ha Jin Won would be a great fit as a leading lady of ji chang wook. One day, on the subway, she mistakes Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) for a molester. Han hyo joo please PD nim.. Amber Mar 26 2017 10:15 pm The basic plot is bad: the core premise that the Chief Prosecutor of a Seoul District Court is a multiple murderer is total non-sense. Lover Mar 25 2017 4:18 am CKW Mar 22 2017 11:21 am i can't wait for the next episode..eps 11...ji chang wook...oppa...i really love the chemistry of the two.... Finaa May 25 2017 1:32 am that's a little alarming for me. Why is it so easy for rating to go down but not back up? I absolutely love this series :) Now that Suits is still on summer break, I'm so glad I found an other entertaining legal drama (this one is a bit different genre, but still). hestyarious Oct 18 2017 7:09 am Thanks Ji Wook and Bong Hee for working hard in this drama, you're such a beautiful couple. The character in this drama very unrealistic. Also the last two episodes that aired today were really good. The person should pay for it is Jung Hyun So, the real evil in this drama. I like the fun and cuteness of the drama, I hope it gets better - especially the suspense/murder mystery. Ryo Ko Dumb Oct 15 2017 9:31 am I don't mean to say that nam ji hyun's acting is bad , but Lee Sung Kyung suits this role better in my opinion, Just a Sincere Fan May 12 2017 2:35 am I was glue to this drama since ep 1 n waiting for the next is a drag. ?❤..Effortless acting?????? njh has a unique and endearing look and personality that is different from typical korean actresses. Shandy May 02 2017 1:54 pm Hate me all you want, I'm simply conveying what I think. 40 episode? That kind of role really suit her. I blame SBS for the uncut version. I would've actually liked it if they've cast Lee Sung Kyung alongside Ji Chang Wook. No offense meant. exo l (sehuniie) !! Blue jasmine Mar 27 2017 4:28 am i can't wait for it. Nobody is perfect, nobody is strong all the time, sometimes love loses infront of circumstances but in the end find their way. Maria Jun 01 2017 8:58 pm She works hard there. They aren't getting married! i love both Ji chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun I loved their chemistry. I hope this drama will be better next episod. Park min young please!!!!!! And yes i am a healer fan too. Wow ... Young Girl make bed scene with JCW ... Opssss sorry sorry but other than that she acts well and very fit to the character. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Don't understand why the ratings is low, the whole cast is fantastic. i just pressed on as i want to support JCW. trust me it's gonna be a fierce competition between the networks. No news yet? The drama hasnt even start yet. I still wish it has a lot of success!!! I personally feel like NJH was trying to hard to level up with rising JCW in this drama. Specially NJH?!! i want shin hye with chang wook, Maria Mar 21 2017 5:51 pm googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (10149 votes) Love from NYC. I hate eun bong hee she is pretty but dirty, ji eun hyuk great cheater but great friend, cha yoo jung my most pretty but i don't like her, no ji wook hope you ain't gay cos opportunity come but once8-) (i guess you know what that means);)

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