In this ever-changing world of the Contract Cleaning Industry, we believe Innovation is paramount and is what allows a contractor to stand out from the rest of the field.

With the support of our group members, here are some of the innovative thinking that many of our clients already benefit from:

Innovation through Software

Our clients are fully supported with the knowledge that their sites are managed through a Quality Management System, called Clean Link. This system is fully configurable to enable KGB to efficiently manage its staff & resources across multiple sites with real-time information.

This innovative system enables KGB to provide clients with detailed information regarding contract performance. Our on site team have the ability to amend the on site working teams instantaneously whilst keeping our clients fully aware of any potential changes. Through our dynamic automated system our clients are able to fully discover the level of contract support that is provided behind their individual contracts.


Supporting Modules include:

  • Quality
  • Wages
  • Assets
  • Personnel
  • Health & Safety
  • Training

Innovation through Products

Soludose Product Range

We no longer transport liquid chemicals. All our products are powder form, wrapped in pva bags, to ensure perfect dosage and minimum transport & storage needs. This also is the most environmentally way of delivering products with their reduced transportation needs and less storage requirements from the client on site.

Toucan Product

The Toucan Eco is a unique system that uses tap water in conjunction with table salt to produce one of the most effective cleaning solutions on the market today.

This simple combination when used through the Toucan Apparatus produces a combined disinfectant, cleaning agent & effective deodoriser capable of removing MRSA, Swine Flu & Bird Flu.


Fully active for a 7-day period the dispensing unit is able to produce 1 litre of liquid every 60 seconds at zero cost, which enables our cleaning staff to have the most powerful environmentally friendly product at the press of a button.

It can be used wherever general cleaning and sanitising tasks are carried out and should replace the majority of chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents that are traditionally used.

The Toucan Eco solutions are ideal for use on surfaces and materials that require high and continuous cleanliness standards:

Innovation through Machinery

KGB prides itself on reviewing the requirements of every client including the fabrics of their buildings, to ensure we select the right machinery to meet the demands of the site.

We believe to change the normal cleaning practices of this industry requires a level of investment to ensure that the correct equipment is selected to do the job.

This innovation is managed through our 2 key suppliers:

  • Karcher UK
  • Integrated Cleaning Equipment (ICE)


KGB works closely with these companies to help provide and recommend equipment that can be used to improve productivity through a mechanical process.

Some of the most innovative machinery trialled & tested includes;

  • HOST Carpet Machine – waterless carpet cleaning system
  • Purified Water Window Cleaning Systems
  • Scrubber Dryers that operate in reverse as well as forward motion
  • Pressure Washers that use less water than a running tap
  • Pulse Mop System with microfibre – eliminating the mop and bucket