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Contract Cleaning & Support Services

Who we are?

KGB Cleaning South West Ltd is a privately owned cleaning and support services company with contracts in and around London, the South and South West. Established in 2009 and with extensive knowledge and experience in the Education Sector, KGB have a multitude of large and small Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges within their portfolio.

Our services

Contract Cleaning
Contract Cleaning

A tailored approach to your needs, whether it be for public, local, central, education or commercial.

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

High level, Absailing, Cradle or Mobile Platform we can provide you with the most appropiate service for your needs.

Specialist Cleaning
Specialist Cleaning

Kitchen & Extraction Cleans, Washroom Services, Pest Control & Waste Recycling, these are just a few of the specialist services we provide.

Decontamination Cleaning
Decontamination Cleaning

Fogging, spraying, deep cleaning these are just a few methods we use to carry out our decontamination service.

Sectors We Work In


As a specialist provider to the education sector, we are very experienced in delivering a tailored service to meet your requirements. Not every education establishment operates the same, this is when we are able to draw on our many years of trusted service delivery to define the right service for you.

Using the latest technologies allows KGB South West to manage and maintain our service delivery and expectations.

Public Sector

KGB South West have operated and delivered to many high profile public sector departments. Our knowledgeable operations team can provide a complete overview of the services that will best fit your requirements.

As with all of our services, we can provide and deliver a service that is right for you.

Local Goverment

Providing a service which is fluid and requires constant change can be very demanding on any provider, however KGB South West have and continue to provide such services to each and every contract we undertake.

We always use the latest equipment and invest heavily into the training to make sure we get the best of the equipment provided.


As a growing service provider, KGB South West are able to change and adapt to any market delivery model, the commercial delivery requirements can be significantly different to any other sector.

We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to those market conditions and provide a service to meet the needs and demands of any business.

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